===========================   I remember the first time I wrote this post, the response was crazy..   But Facebook have to hide it.. Facebook, why? Well, good news is, NOTHING can stop us on Team Diamond because we are VIPs!! =============… Continue Reading →

ARE YOU A VIRGIN? (Stop ruining your relationship.)

======================================   I once made a look-alike of this post a while ago, so here we go again..   I want to pour a part of my heart out to you this evening right now.   And as you’re reading,… Continue Reading →

The World’s Richest Man.. (not Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos – open inside!)

The richest man’s story… Winston Churchill’s Watch.. (Ambitious Guys ONLY) Great story from JC: When the great Prime Minister and champion of World War II, Winston Churchill, was a boy, he lost something extremely valuable — a watch. It was… Continue Reading →

Why Your Family Doesn’t Want You To Be Rich?

#BehindTheScenesToday… Why Your Family Doesn’t Want You To Be Rich? They don’t really want you to get rich. You get that, right? Everyone – friends, family, schools, teachers, media, TV, and so on – none of them really want you… Continue Reading →

What’s The Difference Between $97 & $100? (Marketers ONLY – insider secret)

#BehindTheScenesToday   Are you business Owner? Do you sell products or services? Quick question… What’s The Difference Between $97 & $100? Nothing much. Just $3. But here’s the thing… People will not buy your thing if you put it up… Continue Reading →

Money Mindset: A Tale of 3 Men.. (quick story)

#BehindTheScenesToday I know you’re looking good right now, but I don’t want to talk about that. I know you’re feeling amazing right now, don’t wanna talk about it. Someone told me that you’re changing, that you’ve been growing.. Betting on… Continue Reading →

QUICK RANT! – Reason why you MUST follow your heart

#BehindTheScenesToday I’m not working this hard to be the same and maybe it’s time to tell it how it is….I’m never ever going to be the same person you want me to be or expect me to be! I’m not… Continue Reading →

“People think I’m crazy” – He said (michael jordan trick to fame & popularity)

#BehindTheScenesToday Something you want fell out of the sky and turns in your favor, the goal of a successful person is to go out and get that thing regardless of what anyone else thinks. Michael Jordan learned this lesson early…. Continue Reading →

#MotivationSunday – Be Different! (Stop dying before your time)

#BehindTheScenesToday I’ve always love the idea of not being what people expect me to be. . . because everyone should have a LIFE. That is why we came in to the World differently. We didn’t come from the same vagina,… Continue Reading →

The *Brain Trick* for Staying Focused While Parting the Red Sea

#BehindTheScenesToday What’s up my wonderful friend? I have a quick story from a millionaire mentor of mine years ago, that I’m going to share with you today Why? Because based on everything I know about you, there is more to your… Continue Reading →

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